Public Art Agency for Donegal

In 1997, the Government approved the revision and extension of the Per Cent for Art Scheme to all Government Departments with construction budgets and since that time the Scheme has been implemented in varying degrees by Government Departments and public bodies here in Donegal.

Since 2000, each local authority area in Ireland has established a County or City Development Board (CDB). These Boards are made up of representatives from Local Government, State Agencies, Local Development, Social Partners and the Community & Voluntary Sector. The primary aim of the CDB's is to achieve co-ordination of services.

Donegal County Council Public Art Office has established a county based Public Art Agency based on the CDB philosophy of co-ordination and integration of services for all the Government Departments and state agencies that can avail of the Per Cent for Art Scheme. This model of delivery is unique nationally and although challenging, it seeks to provide a strategic inter-agency approach for the delivery of the most exciting and ambitious truly County based Public Art Plan. Operating in a county development board context, this approach seeks to ensure a co-ordinated approach, the best use of resources and the creation of synergies.