Stone Cross
by Redmond Herrity

The Celtic Cross is located in Cathedral Square, just across from the Cathedral of St. Eunan and St Columba in the town of letterkenny. The limestone cross was erected in 2006 to celebrate 2000 years since the birth of Jesus. The Stone Cross is two meters in height.

Commorative Carved Cross in Limestone, 2006
Commissionsed by open a Competition.

photo of stone cross photo of stone cross, blue sky background photo of stone cross
full photo of stone cross

Biography of artist

Redmond Herrity

Redmond Herrity is a self-taught artist. It was by pure accident that he discovered that he had a talent for stone sculpture. In 1997, while on a trip around the world his journey took him to India where he spent three months exploring. Here he watched in amazement as street sculptors carvedsmall figures from limestone, he was fascinated by their skill and dexterity and how they managed to carve such wonderful miniature figures from a piece of stone.

It was these sculptors that inspired him to become a sculptor. His travels took him onto Thailand, America and Australia. In Australia he got the opportunity to work with stone for the first time.

On his return home in 1999, he had to make decisions about what he was going to do, follow his heart or get a 9 to 5 job. he followed his heart and applied to the Leitrim School of Sculpture. He was one of 30 applicants that had applied for this course but there were only 13 places available. He was successful and was accepted onto the course.

This was a one-year course, which give him experience and helped him develop his carving skills. He completed this course and was awarded a Diploma in Stone Carving and Bronze Making. To further his knowledge of sculpture he went to Carrara in Northern Italy for 3 months, which drew such masters as Michelangelo and Donatello to work with the world famous quality Carrara Marble. He works mainly with limestone and sandstone but since his trip to Italy he has become confident and comfortable working with marble. he has recently been filmed in a documentary by RTE television, to be televised in late June early July 2004 which gives an in-depth view of his work.

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