Sea-Plosion Carnival Arts Residency
by Collective

The project was a visual art based and comprised of an intensive five-week period of costume and sculptural prop (large and small) making and design. The participants included over 80 children and teenagers with up to 30 adult volunteers. It culminated in an impressive carnival parade on the night of the annual ‘Blessing of the Fleet’ Ceremony in Killybegs on Saturday 6th August 2004. This Visual and Performance Arts Project with primary school children, teenagers and adults.

Sea-Plosion Carnival Arts Residency, April to August 2004

Killybegs Social Housing Scheme worth €9698.00. Produced in association with Kill begs Fishermen’s Organisation and Killybegs Summer Festival. The commission took place in the context of the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the founding of the Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation (KFO). The project was joint funded by Donegal County Council, The Arts Council, Killybegs Festival Committee and the Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation.

Biography of artist

Cillian Rogers & Imelda Peppard

Artists Cillian Rogers and Imelda Peppard are both graduates of N.C.A.D. They have lived and worked in west Sligo for the past 26 years.Public Sculpture, Performance art and Carnival arts form the core of their art practice. They were founding members of Sligo Community arts group (1984-1994), and ‘Bacchanal’ Carnaval arts group (1997-2001).

Cillian and Imelda have worked in the design, production and direction of Community Arts events both Nationally and Internationally.They have produced and presented entries for the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, Dublin from 1996 to 2001, and more recently, in collaboration with Wirligig and Somboeire, formed the group ‘West Coast Carnaval Co-op’ to participate in the 2005 St. Patrick’s day parade in Dublin. Cillian and Imelda also have participated in numerous Artists in residence programs and public art commissions. In 1998 they travailed to La Reunion Island, (a French colony off the east coast of Africa) to work on an Artist in residence program under an E.U. arts and culture program. In 2000 Imelda was commis- sioned to create an artwork as part of Sligo’s County Council public art program and more recently, in 2004, to work with a visual interpretation of the Vogler Quartet music in schools project.

They see their art practice as essentially collaborative. “We collaborate with each other and with other visual Artists - Artists who work in other media and community, to widen the skills base in order to be involved in the creation of art- work that is broader then work we could produce as individuals.”