The Happy Prince

'The Happy Prince' is an exquisite and beautiful work with music by composed and conducted by Vincent Kennedy and text by writer Little John Nee. Based on the Oscar Wilde story 'The Happy Prince', the piece explores the timeless themes of love, friendship and compassion in a magical way for stage and is performed by Donegal Youth Orchestra and Donegal Youth Choir and narrated by Little John Nee Raymond Keane of Barrabas Theatre Company directs this production.

This piece was commissioned in partnership with the VEC Music Education Partnership, An Grianan Theatre and supported by the Contemporary Music Centre and RTE Jnr Radio. Music was composed by Vincent Kennedy and text was written by writer Little John Nee.

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One Less Petal, One Less Flame Concert (Audio)

The Happy Prince, 2012
Commissioned utilising the Per Cent for Art Scheme arising from Donegal Main Drainage Scheme. The Happy Prince is a Donegal-based orchestral, song and story interpretation of Oscar Wilde's 'The Happy Prince' for Donegal Youth Orchestra and Donegal Youth Choir. The Artists involved were Vincent Kennedy Composer and Little John Nee, Theatre, Comedy, Composer & Storyteller. Duration was 45 minutes. The Premiere Performance was in An Grianan Theatre, Letterkenny and the show then toured to the The Abbey Centre, Ballyshannon and Town Hall Theatre Galway as part of Baboró International Arts Festival for Children. 'The Happy Prince' was also performed live on RTÉ Jr. at the RTÉ Radio studio.

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The Happy Prince in Rehearsal (Promo)

The Happy Prince live performance

Biography of artist

Vincent Kennedy

Vincent Kennedy is a composer from Dublin, Ireland. His compositions include The Happy Prince (2012), adapted from Oscar Wilde's children’s story of the same name, a collaboration with Little John Nee commissioned by Donegal County Council; The Heart of Truth (2012) a Children’s Musical commissioned by Gorey Educate Together School; The Kilcormac Cantata (2011) commissioned by Offaly County Council and shortlisted for the Alianz Business to Arts Award 2012; Dublin - Overture to my City (extended version 2011) for National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland; Where the North Wind Blows (2011) Peace process commission; The Meath Chronicles (2011) commissioned by Meath County Council; True Minds (2010); Dublin - Overture to my City (Original version) commissioned by RTÉ for RTÉ Concert Orchestra; Galileo's Tears (2009) written in response to Ryan Commission Report; Dreams (2008), Violin concerto for Cora Venus Lunny and Dublin Philharmonic performed as part of a 48 city USA tour 2009; Friendship (2009) commissioned by PSFS and first piece of music to be performed in the dome of the Mansion House, Dublin (Cantando Chamber Choir), The Winds of Change (2007) Peace process commission; Whatsa' Heaven For? (2006) commissioned by the RCBS and performed at the WASBE conference in 2007; Symphony no 1- The Hook, A Place and A People (2005) commissioned by Wexford County Council; Tommy Donnybrook (2004) commissioned by Lyric FM, his response to youth homelessness and addiction on Dublin streets; The Great Leveller (2004) commissioned by CMC/Temple Bar Properties/AIC and inspired by James Joyce’s Ulysses; Soliloquy and March, winner of the RTÉ prize for music to celebrate the life of the broadcaster Michael O’Hehir and subsequently performed in Croke Park on All-Ireland Final day by Artane Band.

Vincent is currently writing his Symphonies No 2 and No 3, the latter for the University of Arizona, Phoenix, USA.

Little John Nee

Little John Nee is a songster storyteller and performer fluctuating between Donegal and Galway. He is a prolific writer and creator of shows, his most recent being a trilogy featuring the character Sparkplug Callaghan: ÒSparkplugÓ a surreal rural blues comedy commissioned by Earagail Arts Festival 2012; ÒA Bag of QueensÓ a childrenÕs story about a potato delivery to London; and The MotherÕs Arms a show with musical collaborators The Caledonia Highly Strung Orchestra. All three shows are being performed throughout 2012 and are part of a larger project ÒSparkplug CallaghanÕs Emporium of Theatrical DelightÓ a ten year project of new writing, collaboration, performance and workshops.